Monday, May 30, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE Sun Club Bondi Beach nail polishes

There has been some time since I saw any (new) Trend Edition from Essence in my local drugstores, I don't know what is the reason for that but yesterday  finally Bondi Beach came to town :) In this TE you can find eyeshadow palettes, gel eyeliners, gel eyeliner brush, bronzing powder, water prof mascara and nail polishes.I bought four nail polishes, I was hoping I will bought all five of them but in my local drugstore they were already out of Pink Heart. Maybe I will find it somewhere else.

In this collection you can find two beautiful eyeshadow palettes, but those two palettes were  among the products that came out in March: South Beach and Long Beach .

Now let's have a better look at the polishes! All the colors are very pretty, my favorites are Chasing Waves and Splash Refresh. They looks so cute on my nails. I also like Golden sands, it has been soooo long since I bought some brown nail polish. I like this one because it is beautiful golden brown, it will be great for summer. Orange Sunset is warm orange color. I love it, but orange nail polish which came in Whoom! Boooom! collection is almost the same as this I am not that excited about this one.

02 BBC Chasing waves and 03 Splash Refresh

04 BBC Orange Sunset and 05 Golden Sands

Here they are on my nails (2 coats) :

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  1. Pretty, especially the orange one! Whoom! Boooom! collection didn't arrive in my country so I hope this one will so I can get it :)


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