Saturday, September 19, 2015

Essence You Sweeten My Day

You Sweeten My Day from Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty trend edition is the blush I've been using lately. My first impression wasn't very good but I decided to keep wearing little bit more and finally I changed my mind and now I really like it. The reason why I didn't like it was that it was too light and I could barely see it on my face. After few days I decided to go into it with my brush little bit harder and I loved the result. It was still delicate but it looked very nice on my cheeks. You Sweeten My Day is the blush that looks best for everyday makeup, for some special occasions or going out it might be better to use something else. 

First thing I thought when I saw You Sweeten My Day in store was that it is a highlighter but when I looked it closely I saw it was multi colored blush. I decided to buy it because I don't have anything like this in my stash. The blush contains two colors, both are very light but they look nice and radiant on my cheeks. It is good to mention that I have pale skin and I'm not sure how it would looked on darker shin tone, But definitely it is a good product that I will love to use, especially during fall / winter.

On pic bellow you can see my swatch. Two colors alone and mixed together. Not very bright but like I said looks really good on the cheeks.

Did you tried Essence You Sweeten My Day? Do you like light blush like this one=


  1. good to hear this bicolour blush looks radiant on your cheeks...and the packaging is so cute, isn't it?

  2. It looks very pretty but I prefer pigmented blushes so I'll pass


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