Sunday, September 6, 2015

Empty #22

L'oreal Elvital Color Glanz shampoo - one more bottle is gone  :)

Balea Melon Tango and Purple Kisses shower gels - usual part of my empties :) Both smell amazing and look beautiful, as always they are good quality and affordable.

Aveo Avocado & Sheabutter liquid soap - product I buy very often, I only change the scents.

L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss 535 hair color - another product that I've been using for years. I want to try something else but this one is too good to change it :)

Lush Happy Hippy - Usually I'm not the biggest fan of citrus scents but I love them in the summer. They can really be refreshing in summer heath. Happy Hippy is very nice product, good quality and strong scent. Even though it was my go to shower gel this summer I will not buy it again...Just because citrus scent are not my thing and no matter how good they are I will hardly find one that I would repurchase. I will rather try something different. If you want to find more about it, here is my post.

I Love... Vanilla & Almond shower cream and body butter - I already said few things about I love... products here and here. I tried few I Love... shower creams before and I wasn't very impressed with them. They do look cute and smell really nice but other then that they are nothing special. Same thing is with I Love...Vanilla & Almond shower cream. On the other hand body butter in same scent is amazing. It absorbs very quickly and it makes my skin so soft. Also, it has shimmer which I love in summer time. Another great thing about this body butter was that it is mini size which makes it perfect for traveling. After Vanilla & Almond body butter I'm definitely interested in other I Love... body butters.

Laura Vandini Pearl body shimmer - This is one of my favorite shimmering body lotions / creams / butters. Nice neutral smell, easy application and beautiful glow on your skin. Product that I would buy again.

L'oreal mini conditioners - here again.


  1. Balea tusiralice su prelepe, obozavam njihov miris. :D

  2. I use that hair colour too, it's brilliant, every time I change I wonder why I bothered!


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