Friday, April 17, 2015

Hart Of Dixie - the end

One of the sweetest shows on TV ended few weeks ago. Hart of Dixie had it's 4th season to wrap things up with 10 episodes. There was still a hope that the show might continue but everything in season 4 was showing that the show is ending and that is probably for the best. Because, no matter how sad I am about show ending it is better that we have less seasons and a proper ending then more episodes and story left unfinished.

Like I said to me Hart Of Dixie was one of the sweetest shows, the one I loved to watch with cup of cafe. Usually I had smile on my face entire episode. Easy going characters, atmosphere and plot were great combination. Also, there was beautiful Rachel Bilson in lead role. This show wasn't giving us anything new, life and love drama with few love triangles are the usual but this show had warmth and relaxing tone to it. It was always so easy to watch it. What I love about show like this one is that they made all the characters likable. In the beginning, back in season 1 there were few very annoying characters like Lemon, Brick, George...but soon that changed and it was indeed nice show to watch. In the end  everybody got their happy ending and if you ask me this is exactly the way it should end. I'm sad it is finish but on the other hand it was right time to say goodbye and the show ended before it was too late.  I'm sure that in a few years when I think of this show or catch it in TV it will bring back memories and it will nice to take a look at it again.

Did you watch Hart Of Dixie? How do you like the end?


  1. Omg, I'm so sad that this show ended. I loved it. It was one of those shows that I watched when I was in a bad mood and it immediately made me feel better. As you said, it was funny, characters were likable, Rachel Bilson was adorable ... I'm really going to miss it.

  2. I cime cemo sad da zamenimo Zoi? Ja pocela "Mysteries of Laura", cisto da popunim rupu :)) Preporuka?

    1. Uf nemam preporuka trenutno. Bar ne za zamjenu za Zoe, ali počela sam sa House Of Cards i odlična mi je. Moram pogledati kakva je Laura. Nego, mogla bi se ti kad uhvatiš vremena raspisati o svemu što gledaš.


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