Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Essence Live, Laugh And Party

Essence Live, laugh And Party truly is party in the bottle. Multicolored different size glitter in sheer purple base. To tell you the truth I was hoping it will be opaque even though I assumed the base will be sheer. This is how it looks alone with two coats:

Not something, right? Very sheer and there almost no glitter. Like most Essence Effect nail polishes Live, laugh And Party is best as top coat. So you will get true beauty of this nail polish if you apply it over another color. In one of my previous posts about Essence glitters where I said that there is not enough glitter in them to look good on nails Shpeksyy gave me great advice. She said apply it with a sponge. That is what I did. I took a makeup sponge and applied Live, Laugh And Party on it and then applied it on my nails ( unfortunately I don't have photos ) and it looked great! Here is a little swatch on nail wheel. Look how awesome it looks! Purple base is not visible but there is loads of glitter! I love it! Another great thing is that it dries really quickly!

Now I can enjoy this and all my other Essence glitters because this is really amazing method and amazing nail polish to have fun with my nails! 
Do you like multicolored glitters? How do you apply them?


  1. Sh je kraljica :D Kad san vidila lak swatchan bila san ono :/ meh, al na nail wheelu, posebno preko toga lime green *fabulous* laka je ono UH! Need. Izgleda baš zabavno, čak mi se sviđaju i bili bar glittery :D

    1. Tak je bilo i kod mene, požurila sam ga skinuti s noktiju kad je bio sam al zato ova druga verzija izgleda odlično preko bilo kojeg laka. Sh me spasila :D


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