Sunday, May 3, 2015

Davidoff Cool Water

When it comes to fragrances and summer classics Davidoff Cool Water is definitely one of them. When I see it I immediately imagine it's fresh scent and blue horizon. Cool Water was on my wish list for so long and some time ago I finally decided to get it. 

Now when summer is approaching it is a right time to dedicate a post to it because now is the time for beloved summer scents to come out too. Like I said Davidoff Cool Water is a classic, fragrance that is popular for years and it is with us since 1996.  The scent of Cool Water is fresh and summery,not overpowering and perfect for hot days. I believe this will be my first choice of fragrance if I'm going for holiday by the sea for years to come.  

Top notes are melon, lemon, calone, lotus, lily, black currant, quince and pineapple. Middle notes are honey, rose, lotus, lily of the vally, water lily, jasmine and hawthorn. Finally base notes are blackberry, violet root, sandalwood, musk, raspberry, vanilla, peach and vetiver.  All this makes really nice fruity and floral fragrance. The scent that lasts all day or all night depending how you like it. To me it is perfectly suited for day.

Do you like Davidoff Cool Water? What is your favorite summer fragrance?


  1. I really love all fruity scents for summer, and I tend to reach for body mists more often as well. But Davidoff immediately makes me think of cigarettes, so the brand itself is a bit of a turn-off for me :)

    1. Haha, it used remind me on cigarettes too but then I discovered Cool Water :)

  2. I have smell this and I so love it. I purchased one and gave it to my husband and he loves it. I like smelling it on him.

  3. ne da ga volim, nego ga fanatično obožavam <3
    imam još par kapi, čekaju neku posebnu priliku ;)
    premda je u biti lagan, za razliku od mirisa ovog tipa, ovaj se zbilja dugo zadrži... ma savršen je <3


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