Thursday, May 21, 2015

Once Upon A Time, Chicago Fire and Revenge - end of season

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time had a surprisingly great season. Usually when shows are at season 4 things start to go south but OUAT is hanging in there. Once again they divided the season and it seems that is the way to go. It makes plot interesting and they don't spent time on useless things. First part of season was dedicated to Frozen. That was definitely good move because they used the popularity of Frozen and made interesting episodes to watch. Second part of season wasn't dedicated to one fairy tale like before, instead they had decided to go with villains which is always a good move because villains are interesting to watch. This time we found out more about Maleficent, Ursula and Curella De Vil. Beside that we found out loads of interesting stories about the Author and how the book Once Upon A Time was made. I'm looking forward to new episodes especially with the way everything ended this season. Hopefully Once Upon A Time remains one of my favorite shows to watch.

Chicago Fire

Just like before I still have love and hate relationship with this show. Sometimes is great, sometimes is boring but I keep watch it. I will continue watch it and hope that it will not have 10 seasons haha. Chicago Fire has another spin off...after Chicago PD there is Chicago MED. I guess there will be a lot of crossovers next season. I love crossovers between shows but since I don't plan to watch CPD and CMED I will be withheld for part of the plot but somehow I really don't mind. I don't know...there are so many other shows that I would love to watch so I have a feeling that I would waste my time if I would watch all three shows. One Chicago department is enough for me.


Last show in this post is the show that ended. And I say finally. After 4 seasons and amazing first season they were completely out of good ideas and just going in circles, killing and resurrecting characters. One good thing about this show are characters of Emily / Amanda and Nolan...the rest...well...Probably the biggest problem was characterization of characters. So most of the time they were just changing their mind and one day wanted to do one thing and something completely opposite the next day. I'm not sure how long I will remember this show but Emily, Nolan, Victoria and The Hamptons will be things I remember when I think of Revenge.

Do you watch any of these shows? What do you think about the end of Revenge?


  1. Joj, a ja nikako da zavrsim update serija :)) Naravno odgledala sve po PS- u i volim Cikago :)


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