Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beckham Intimately fragrance

My obsession with Fragrance Direct is on going. While we wait for new package with few new goodies it is right time to write about my last buy. Few years ago I got Beckham Intimately Yours as a birthday gift and I loved that fragrance so much. So much that I decided to get the original Intimately. This was one of those blind buys when I didn't tried the product before and I never tried the smell. I was so confident that I will like it because I was in love with Intimately Yours. Fortunately I wasn't wrong :)

Top notes of Intimately are rose, white flower and bergamot, middle notes are orange blossom, casablanca lily and tuberose. Base notes are vanilla, musk and sandalwood. Intimately is one of those beautiful floral scents, great for spring and nice scent to wear day and night. Another plus is that it is long lasting. The bottle is just like the scent itself elegant and pretty.
This is my second Beckham fragrance and after two great scents I'm open to try other fragrances they have. They have nice scents and they are not overpriced so I don't need to save them...I can spray all day long if I want :)

Did you tried Intimately? What is your favorite fragrance these days?

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  1. Great fragance:) kiss

    i'm following you via gfc, hope you can follow me back


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