Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beckham Intimately Yours For Her

Fragrance Intimately Yours by David and Victoria Beckham is one of the birthday gifts that I got this year. It was beautiful surprise from my cousin. Fragrance is a perfect gift but it is always little bit tricky when you don't know the taste of person the fragrance is for. In that situation I usually go with the classic all time perfumes or with brand new perfumes...In this occasion when I got the fragrance as a gift, I'm very happy because this is the fragrance that I absolutely love. When I got it it was the first time that I actually got in touch with not just this particular fragrance but with Beckham fragrances in general. I have to say that I'm always little bit suspicious to celebrity perfumes but this is really a nice surprise.

The scent is absolutely beautiful. I love floral and orient scents and this is exactly that. You can wear it at any occasion, day and night. Other thing that I think is important as much as the scent is how long does the fragrance last. There is nothing worst then having an amazing fragrance which is gone after 30 don't have to worry about that with Intimately Yours because it is long lasting. The bottle is very pretty and elegant, it reminds me on D&G The One.



  1. Great blog. I love David Beckham personally. Thanks for sharing. I am following you now via Google friend connect. It'll be wonderful if you follow back! Thanks :)

  2. My brother's using a scent from David Beckham too! And I use it though it's for men. I love men scents as much as I love floral. :)

    I'm a new follower! Maybe we could follow each other? :D Thanks very much!

  3. Nisam ga probala niti u parfumerijama, morat ću sada. :)

  4. love perfumes. Definitely wanna try this one out :) <3

  5. Love your blog! :)) Very cute! Keep it up! Please check out mine too sometime :) If you want, we can follow each other! Let me know <3


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