Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Swatch: Essence Re - mix Your Style Pop and Dance

Essence Re-mix Your Style Trend Edition came into drugstores in my country and I finally put my hands on Dance - Waking Up In Vegas and Pop - Just Can't Get Enough nail polishes. Both polishes are top coats. Other nail polishes in the collection look nice but I was interested only in top coats Pop and Dance. I was thinking to get Love also but in the end I decided to buy only these two (at least for now haha...) Pop top coat has holo finish and I think it will look great in combination with many colors. Dance top coat has sparkling finish and I think this is the star of Re-mix Your Style collection because it has flakies and it is truly wonderful. Don't miss it! Dance top coat looks fantastic and it changes your manicure so easily, it looks beautiful over any color. 
In the bottle of both products you get 8 ml.

Here are the swatches:
You can see how one coat of Dance (left) and Pop (wright) look over black and blue nail polish. In the middle between black and blue you can see how they look alone on white wheel. 

I love how they look over both colors but in my opinion Dance and Pop look better over black, I can't wait to try Dance with black base on my nails :) Today when I was about to do my nails I was sure that Dance is the first one I want to try, finally I decided to try it with red ( Basic beauty nr.57) nail polish. I'm not sorry at all because it looks great. Over red nail polish you get beautiful golden flakies and it looks very pretty, this combination will be great for holidays too.

I hope you are able to see flakies, it was so hard to make a good picture because today was very foggy...so this picture is as good as it gets even though it is little bit blurry.


  1. koji je ovaj preko crnog laka???preodlicno mi djeluje

  2. Prvi s lijeve strane je Dance preko crnog laka, a zadnji je Pop isto preko crnog. Dance na crnom laku izgleda stvarno odlično!

  3. Joj, tako sam ljubomorna, hoću i ja taj, čekam da stigne kod nas, jedva, jedva čekam :(

  4. Dance je predivan :D Jos kad bi ih bilo ovde kod nas, bila bih presrecna :) Mada verujem da ce nas preskociti kao i uvek :/

  5. woww what cute nails! thanks for sharing sweety :))

  6. Super izgledaju, joj moram opet u dm :)

  7. looks really pretty!



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