Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Essence Brit Tea swatch and comparison: Pink To Go

Beautiful spring trend edition from Essence is in drugstores now. The collection looks very nice and for now I picked up one nail polish Pink To Go. I like pink and pastels so this is something I really love. I wasn't completely sure that it will be unique in my nail polish collection but I wanted it anyway. Fortunately I don't have anything like this. There are few polishes that are close but the shade is not exact and the finish is different. The finish of Pink To Go is something that makes this pink different then other. Pink To Go is shimmery matte nail polish. Sounds fun, right? Before I applied it I thought that this will be shimmery pink but when it dried, it dried matte. Even though I'm not biggest matte finish fan I like it, especially in the sun when shimmer is peeking out. It looks very pretty and I'm sure I will reach for Pink To Go many times during spring and summer.
I applied two coats.

I already mentioned that I have few similar shades in my collection. I decided to swatch them and share them with you. On photos bellow I have six nail polishes I thought will be good to compare with Essence Pink To Go. None of them is the same shade as Pink To Go and the thing that makes biggest difference is the finish.

I have: Essence Herzl, Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded, Catrice Sweets For My Sweets, Essence Flamingo Rose, Essence Pink To Go and OPI My Address Is Hollywood. I didn't find a dupe for Essence Pink To Go but I can tell you that Essence Herzl and Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded are pretty much the same thing. They are the same shade of pink, only difference is color of micro shimmer in it.

Did you get anything from Essence Brit Tea TE? Do you likepastel pink nail polishes?


  1. Cool color kiss

  2. Nisam naišla na kolekciju, al želim turpiju iz te kolekcije za uokvirit :D Prekrasna mi je :D


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