Friday, March 8, 2013

MUA: English Rose mosaic blush, Shade 4 blusher and Extreme Curl Mascara

Here are three more product from my last MUA order. 
First thing is Extreme Curl Mascara. Mascara wasn't on my wish list but when I decided to order it I was really looking forward to trying it. I usually have hard time finding right mascara because I have small eyes and my natural eyelashes are not very long or dense.So in my case it is better when mascara isn't very wet and some mascaras are good for me after a month or so when they dry out a little bit. MUA Extreme Curl mascara is a really nice surprise and I love using it. It is not too watery ( don't worry it is not dry neither) and that makes application very easy. It gives my poor eyelashes curl and length which is really great. When I apply first coat of this mascara it sticks my lashes a little bit but after I add few more coats my lashes are not stick together any more and everything looks really nice. There where no clumps.

The wand is curved and even though I'm not the biggest fan of wands like this I like it. The mascara contains 7 ml.

Shade 4 blusher

Shade 4 is nice coral blush. It looks very pretty on the cheeks and pigmentation is great. I wore it several times but I prefer colors like this on warmer days so this will probably be among my favorites during summer. The blush contains 2.4 g and it has matte finish.

Here is the swatch on natural light...

...and this is how it looks with flash.

English Rose mosaic blush

This is the product I was most excited about but it turn out to be a bit disappointing. It looks really beautiful in the pot but pigmentation is poor and what is worst it is extremely shimmery. When I apply it on my cheeks it is barely visible and if I add more product there is too much shimmer. To me this is more like a highlighter then a blush so I believe that that is the way I'm gonna use this product even thought I don't use highlighter on my cheeks very often.

Natural light


Overall I don't regret buying any of these products. Yes, mosaic blush turn out to be bad but it was such a good deal that I'm not even sorry. However, Extreme Curl mascara and Shade 4 blusher are definitely worth trying and I recommend them.

Did you tried any of these products?


  1. That sucks about the Mosaic blush, it looks beautiful in the pan. I've never seen a shimmery mosaic powder however so that could be the problem. Great Hau!!

  2. ti kao i moja mama,sto je maskara straija i suša to joj bolje maze trepavice

  3. I have their blushes in shade 1 (pink) and it's great. I've heared before, that mosaic blushes are not very good. Too bad, this one looks pretty.

  4. Imam to rumenilo broj 4 i istu maskaru, koju sam narucila cisto da probam jer neka pink volumenska koju sam prvo htjela nije vise bila dostupna. I ispala je sasvim ok maskara :-)I meni rumenilo ceka neke ljetne dane, mislim da ce mi tad vise odgovarati

  5. Maskara se čini dobra :) Ja sam ipak kontaktirala MUA-u i rekla im da još nisam dobila paket i odmah su mi uplatili novac natrag na račun... iako mi je drago što sam dobila novce natrag baš mi je žao što mi proizvodi nisu stigli... tko zna hoće li ikad biti onako dobra akcija :(

    1. Šteta što ti nije stiglo, ali možda još ima nade da je samo negdje zapelo. Meni se čini da se MUA još uvijek ne snalazi dobro sa tako velikom navalom jer kako čujem ima još cura kojima paketi nisu stigli ili su dobile neke druge porizvode umjesto onih koji su naručeni. Valjda će se u buduće bolje organizirat.
      Ja se toplo nadam da će biti još ovakvih akcija!

  6. Goshm you have so many products! I wonder what do you do with them? :) I also like buying, but then I realise that i don´t really need them,,, hahha :D


    1. Yes I do :) I try to use all of them but that is not possible, so usually I use some of them every day for a while and then I start using other and I go in circles like that. Foundation and mascara is the only thing I don't like to pile up but I can't help it with other things!


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