Friday, March 1, 2013

Preview: Catrice LE Candy Shock

I have another preview for you tonight. It is time for some Catrice news. New collection is for April and May 2013 and it is called Candy Shock. The collection contains: multicolor blush, baked eyeshadows, multicolored highlighter, lip balms, lip peeling, nail polishes and nail pearls. This collection looks much more interesting then Essence Floral Grunge and I can't wait to see everything in stores. Nail polishes and nail pearls look really pretty and hopefully I will put my hands on one of those. What do you think about this LE?

Sugar Shock

It's Honey Money

Bring Me Peach

Play It Blue

I Scream: Ice Cream!

Vanilla Love

Sugar Shock; Bring Me Peach

Sugar Shock

Sugar Shock; Cotton Candy

I Scream: Ice Cream!; Play It Blue

Bring Me Peach; Vanilla Love


  1. I ovdje ima zanimljivih stvari :))

  2. What can't Catrice be sold in the US! :(

  3. the blush looks fantastic, I think I need it :D again

  4. Fora, mogla bih taj blush uloviti :)


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