Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coloful birthday manicure

Yesterday was my birthday and when I was about to do my nails I remembered one You tube video that I saw few days ago. I wanted to do something colorful and I decided to recreate nail design I saw on You tube made by IHaveACupcake. I did't watch the video again since I first saw it until now so I did the design little bit different...I like this way better :)
I've got many compliments for this design yesterday, but today funny thing happened. I was at doctor's appointment and when I was about to leave nurse suddenly said: Stop, stop!! I turned around thinking what happened, did I do something...but she was: Let me see your nails!!! 

Here are the products I used:
Essence White Secret, S-he no. 393, Essence Dress To Party, Look by Bipa Red, Essence Pink, Essence Crazy Me, Catrice Sweets For My Sweets, Essence Glitter nail hardener + Look by Bipa nail stickers and 15pcs Nails art design polish brush painting pen tips ( which arrived two days ago...I love it, makes nail art much easier )


  1. preslatka mi je :-D
    bila sam uvjerena da sam ovo komentirala...

  2. in love at that manicure <3


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