Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haunted house manicure

Halloween is tomorrow and this is my manicure! First I wanted to draw something myself but then I found some cool nail stickers and I decided to go with them! It is nothing special but I like it anyway :)

What I used:
Essence Orange Sunset and Grand-Pile In Black and Look by Bipa nail stickers

I couldn't decide which nail stickers to buy so I bought them all :) I honestly don't have any self control when it comes to this...but they look so cool, wright? I wanted to make more nail designs with them but Halloween is tomorrow and with all this I'm ready for next year hehe... I have to say hat I really love Look by Bipa nail stickers, they always have some cool designs even though the quality could be little bit better!

When I bought them I had to try it immediately...I already had on my nails Orange Sunset (perfect Halloween color!!) and I just added few stickers...I don't like how it looked in the end but that doesn't matter now ;) here it is...


  1. Taj lak iz Ballerina kolekcije i jest baš za Halloween!
    I šišmišići su super!

  2. cute stickers! you´ll have the best nails on halloween! :)

  3. Eto, totalno nisam mislila na Halloween kad je taj lakić iz balerine bio u ponudi :D A baš je helovinast :D

  4. krasna manikurica :-D
    nisam niti primjetila ove naljepnice u bipe :-(


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