Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Look by Bipa blush brush and kabuki

Few weeks ago I went to Bipa drugstore, I don't go there very often but this time I decided to go and look around little bit. I was very happy when I saw Look by Bipa brushes. I saw their brushes all over internet but every time I went there everything was sold out. Now the shelf was almost empty but two brushes that I was hoping to find were there: blush brush and kabuki.
You can see on the pictures how pretty they look. I love them both and I use them all the time. Both kabuki and blush brush are really soft and application of blush and powder is easy with them. 

Before I bought Look by Bipa brush brush I desperately  needed a new one...so in a few days I purchased three blush brushes. Other two are Avon and E.l.f. but Look by Bipa is the one I use the most and it is my favorite between these three brushes. Avon brush is right after Look by Bipa but I barely used E.l.f. brush.

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