Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick TV show review: Hart of Dixie, 2 Broke girls, Pan Am, Secret circle and Ringer

This year there is so many new TV shows. I've seen bunch of pilots, some of them are quite good and some disappointed me...and there are few of them that are somewhere in between. Here is the first part of my TV review! I will be quick and don't worry there are no spoilers!!

Hart of Dixie

I want to start with Hart of Dixie. I had high expectations with this TV show. I've seen the promo few months ago and with the first look I just knew that this is something for me. Rachel Bilson has a lead role in this show and she is playing a doctor Zoe Hart. Zoe is a New Yorker and she is moving to Alabama where she starts to work in medical practice. This is the beginning of the show in one sentence. If you like drama shows this is TV show for you. I can say that I really enjoy watching it. The pilot was very good but maybe too many things is put in first episode, that is why the episodes which came after are even better then the pilot. Plot and characters are developing very well, with each episode everything is more interesting. When I watch Hart of Dixie I have smile on my face all the time. It is interesting, funny and sweet!

2 Broke girls

2 Broke girls is a sitcom, usually sitcoms are not kind of shows I will watch but one day few weeks ago there was nothing much to do and I was thinking to give it a shot...even if it is bad 20 minutes won't kill me. Now I'm so glad that I was bored that day because if it was different I would miss one hilarious TV show. The pilot is amazing, I laughed and laughed....the rest of episodes that came out are great as well. The show is about two girls Max and Caroline who work in a restaurant in Brooklyn and as you may guess both of them are broke. Max is from working class and Caroline is born rich but due to circumstances she is now broke and she needs a job. 
Everyone has a different sense of humor but I recommend this TV show to you. It is just 20 minutes and it is worth trying!

Pan Am

Pan Am is drama show about fly attendants and pilots of Pan Am during 1960's. I love this show it just has that  something that keeps you watching. There is great cast, interesting characters and the plot is getting better and better. Something I definitely recommend.

The secret circle

The secret circle is another teen supernatural series, but instead vampires and werewolfs this show is about witches. I can't say that it is spectacular but is pretty good and there is room for improvement. When I first heard about Secret circle and that it has connections with The vampire diaries ( both TV shows are based on books by L.J.Smith and cocreator/executive producer of Vampire diaries Kevin Williamson is producer of Secret circle)  I knew that I'm gonna watch it :) After first five episodes I can say that is good but I keep comparing it with Vampire diaries and because of that I'm hoping that it will be much better, because Vampire diaries wasn't anything special first few episodes. And then...BOOM :)  If you like SF, fantasy or Vampire diaries give it a go!


Now this is the show which I'm not sure how I feel about it. First of all I have to say that if Sarah Michelle Geller isn't part of the cast there wouldn't be so much fuss about it, Ringer would be just another new TV show. But Sarah Michele Geller is part of the cast and that made Ringer one of the most anticipating shows this season. There were so many expectations about it, but in the end most people wondered why. First episode was so-so, but I definitely wasn't amazed. Episode two was horrible in my opinion, after seeing that I was sure that I'm gonna quit watching it. For some unknown reason I watched third episode and it wasn't so bad. I'm still watching it but I'm not sure whether I like it...

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  1. Heart of Dixie i 2 Broke Girls su mi super! Ringer je totalna sapunica. Mislim da cu odustati :)


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