Sunday, October 23, 2011

Essence Chuck & Troy Break Through

Essence Nail art twins Troy is my favorite Twin topper, I love purple color and combination of purple with blue and gold glitter is perfect match for me! I wanted to do what I usually do when I want to wear Troy. I wanted to apply Essence Break Through which is I think exact purple shade as Troy's twin Gabrielle, but then I also wanted to see how will Troy look over blue base. I figured that Essence Chuck would be perfect for that. I couldn't decide which combination will I do first but then...why not try it together? So, I painted all my nails with Essence Break Through except my ring finger which I painted with Essence Chuck. In the end I added glitter topper Troy. I think that it looks great, I love how Chuck and Troy together. Blue base looks even better then purple, I will probably wear it more this way :))


  1. Piala sma također jedan post o njemu! Predivan je! I meni najdraži iz twins kolekcija :)

  2. Skoro sam kupila Troy i odusevio me je :)

  3. Amazing mani!! Love it!! I have to get that glitter topper!


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