Sunday, October 2, 2011

Britney Spears in Zagreb!!!

Last night was Britney Spears concert in Zagreb. I am so happy I was there, if I could I would go again tomorrow! I had such an amazing time, the hole experience was awesome. Everything was even better then I could imagine. I met so many amazing people there, it was really fun to hang out with Britney fans.
Concert started in 21:00 (Sharp!!!) When Britney came out the crowd was crazy, everyone was so excited to see her...especially so close, I was lucky enough to be in 2nd row. Britney looks beautiful, she is so pretty and sweet. She was singing and dancing, changing lots of outfits...The show was great, the stage, the dancers...everything.  My favorite part was when Britney started singing I Wanna Go, the fans had an agreement before the show that everyone will have a balloon  and when I Wanna Go song starts all of us should put hands up and wave with balloons. I wasn't sure that everything will go as planed but in the end it was great. It was nice to surprise Britney like that.  After the show was finished all of us agreed it was flawless...I don't even have words to describe everything to you, but I will tell you if you are a fan don't miss it...don't listen what other people tell you just go.I enjoyed every single minute. As one guy I talked after was perfect to be in same room with legendary Miss Britney Spears...hehe. In the end of the show Britney's two sons came out on the stage...they are so cute. 

Of course, I was taking pictures all the time...I didn't even looked on what kind of pictures I'm is little bit embarrassing  for me to tell you how many pictures I have on my phone ..haha... Here are few of them ( click to see bigger version ) :


  1. drago mi je da si se super provela i da nisi doma išla razočarana ;-D

  2. Bilo je ludilo! :) Možda smo bile i negdje blizu jedna druge :)


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