Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nail art: Vintage rose

Here is my vintage rose nail art design. It looks cute and it is very easy to see how I did it keep reading.

What I used:
Deborah Milano Ballerina Tutu, Essence Tip painter, Essence Pink!, S-he top coat and rose nail stickers.

What I did:
First I painted my nails with Ballerina tutu, the color is is soft pastel pink / purple. For vintage rose designs is best to use pastel color as base color. After it dried I made stripes with white ( 2 stripes) and pink (4 stripes) nail polishes with thin brush. In the end I added rose stickers and top coat to protect the design. Don't worry if strips aren't perfect because from the normal distance you can't see small imperfections.


  1. Ana, you have such beautiful nails!! I really love those rose nail stickers! So pretty ^^


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