Friday, August 26, 2011

Who runs the world? Girls

Girls have never been so popular in music. If you think of top 5-6 performers you will realize that most of them are woman. I remember Grammy's few years ago when women also were theme of the night. I'm glad that that hasn't changed. Recently I saw one picture on line that really made me laugh and I wanted to write something about it.The thing that is very interesting is that all those girls have albums which came out recently and now we can really see who is in charge. 

But first look at the picture...Scream 2011... :D

Well...I hope everyone survives :)

Lady Gaga's album Born this way came out few months ago and I like all the songs that I heard from it. Gaga is proving her status that she got with two previous albums. She is still full of surprises and you always wonder what will she do next. I can't wait for lady Gaga's tour, after seeing her live once I have to see her live again :) On latest Gaga's tour Monster ball she sang one song from Born this way album called You and came out few days ago. I love the video and the song of's beautiful and it brings nice memories from the concert :)

Britney Spears is finally back. Britney was my favorite singer when she first came around, I grew up listening her songs and since that I love her no matter what she does. I am very happy that she is back now, she sounds good and looks amazing. I hope she continues that way and if everything turns out as planed I will see her live too in few mounts...if someone told me that when I was singing Ooops...I did it again I don't know what I would do...I would probably be crazy happy :)

Beyonce is back on the scene with her album Year of 4. It is no doubt that it will be a success. Beyonce is true diva with amazing voice...and when you look at her on the stage you can see that she belongs there. I hope she will visit my country again...and that this time I won't miss her!!!!

Katy Perry is giving us hit after hit .My favorite is E.T. , her latest Last Friday night is very good with  great video. Usually when I look at some of her videos, hairstyles, clothes, nails I think that only she can pull off something like that ...just remember her Smurfette outfit.

Rihanna is here with her album Loud. I have listen to it so many times, there are some pretty good songs...Have you heard her song Man down? I love, love, love that song!!!

I think that there is a place for all those girls and that all of them will survive this battle...and of course they are not the only girls worth mention I was commenting on them only because of the hilarious picture. 

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