Friday, August 12, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE 50's Girls Reloaded

Hello girls I am back from my vacation, I had great time and I can't believe it is over. I'm back now and first I want to show you my Essence goodies. I bought them before my trip and they served me well when I was on vacation. As you probably already know this is Essence Trend Edition 50's Girls Reloaded. Another amazing collection from Essence.

Duo eyeshadow: Come on board Captain!

Duo eyeshadow called Come on board captain! has two beautiful colors. You can see on the picture above how it looks. They are very pigmented and I am very happy I got it because at first I didn't wanted it. I only used it with eyeshaodw base so far and  I don't know how they work without it but I think that this eyeshaodws should be great  even if you don't have base...which is very good because some of Essence eyeshaodw are not very pigmented or lasting. It the cutest eyeshadow box you also get a mirror which is whery helpful was to me last few days when I was away from home :)

Lipstick: I'm Sailing

I know this will sound untrue but this is my first Essnce lipstick ever!! I am in love with this one. The color is perfect, it applies easily and when is on your lips it almost feels like a lip balm. I think that this lipstick is the best item from this collection and if you can still find it somewhere just get it and you won't be sorry. I will try to find the red one seams to be as good is this one.

Nail polishes: Ahoy and You're a heartbreaker

I have two nail polishes from this collection, the white one Ahoy and grey one You're a heartbreaker. I wanted Ahoy because I know it will serve me well when I want to do nail art. In the picture above I have three coats. You're a heartbreaker is grey polish...this shade of grey is the one that I still don't have and when I saw it I wasn't thinking that much :) I love can see above how it looks with 2 coats. Both polishes are easy to apply and you get 15 ml in the bottle.

Here is another nail polish I'm A Marine Girl. I got this for my friend, she loves blue nail polishes and I'm sure she will love this one too :)

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