Saturday, August 13, 2011

Palm tree nails

Before I went on a vacation I wanted to make something summery on my nails. I decided to try to make palm tree design.This is my first time and in the end it turned out great and it was so easy to make it.

What I used:
Essence My yellow fellow, Avon Coral Reef, Essence Glitter nail hardener and Golden Rose No.106 + sponge

What I did:
First I applied 2 coats of yellow nail polish all over my nails. After it dried I applied coral polish with sponge somewhere around the half of each nail. Every nail is little bit different because there is no sharp line where the coral color should end. Then I used thin brush and draw palm trees. First you draw one curve line, then to make branches make smaller curve lines. I made four lines on one side and four lines on the other side...and that's it. To find more details about palm tree designs you can look at some You Tube videos. In the end I applied glitter top coat.

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