Saturday, September 7, 2013

Catrice Miami pINK

Today I have a quick post for you! I have one Catrice nail polish from their updated range, Catrice Miami pINK. This is a gorgeous shimmery pink, it looks so pretty in the sun. There is loads of pink, silver and purple shimmer. Beautiful color that capture my attention immediately and it was too hard to resist it! On two pictures here you can see how it looks in different light, first one is natural and the second one is artificial light.

Like so many times before when I got home I remembered another polish that is really close to this one. Essence Princessorize is exact shade of pink as Catrice Miami pINK but the difference is the shimmer in Miami pINK and flekies in Essence Princessorize. Another different thing is the formula. When it comes to color I think I like Essence better but Catrice has better formula, it has better coverage even though with two coats there is visible nail line. It is also easier to apply and it dries fast.

Did you tried Catrice Miami pINK or any other new product?


  1. I've bought this but I haven't used it yet!

  2. I have the Essence one, very vivid fucshia!

  3. Zelo lepa barva, pa mi roza ponavadi niso kaj preveč všeč :) sem pa od novih stvari zaenkrat sprobala šminke pa eyeliner in je oboje super :)


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