Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Summer 2013 favorites

Summer is gone and here are the products I used and loved the most this summer!

Schwarzkopf Got2Be Rocking It! dry shampoo replaced Balea dry shampoo I used before. I really love this one, my hair looks really nice after I use it. Another thing is that Muller has 50% off on this one every few weeks so that is really good way to save money.

Laura Vandini Pearl body shimmer was definitely my favorite body lotion. I thought that there is no way I wil use anything except Balea Summer Glam but here it is. Pearl gives your skin perfect shimmery glow and it has really nice texture.

p2 Illuminate Me makeup base is my favorite for a while. I hope I will be able to put my hands on it again when I use up this tube. This is the best makeup base I tried so far, if I have p2 base on my face I don't have to worry about my foundation going anywhere. Awesome product!

Avon AT Moroccan Argan Oil leave in treatment is the product I tried for the first time this summer. At this point I think I will come back to it for years to come! I will tell you more about my impressions in separate post very soon.

Yellow nail polishes were on my nails the most this summer. I don't have one specific favorite but yellow was the color of summer for me!

Essence Prima Ballerina blush souffle is one of the best Essence products ever!! Such a shame it was limited edition and I almost used it up. I hope Essence will come up with something like this in future.

Essence To Die For palette is honestly a must have. I didn't use a lot of makeup this summer and when it comes to eyeshadow I was using this one almost exclusively. 

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash was a summer hit. Bold and beautiful, one of my favorite lipsticks!

Catrice Matt About Pink is the first matte lipstick that I own. Beside Maybelline Fuchsia Flash I was reaching for this one the most.

MUA Extreme Curl mascara is one of those great MUA buys. This one is great for me, sometimes I have hard time finding a good mascara with my small eyes and tiny lashes but this one works really good!

Did you tried any of these products? What were your favorites?


  1. Meni se tu najvise svidjaju ruzevi,bas su prave ljetne boje.
    Voljela bih da i mi u BiH imamo te Got2be proizvode, ima ih nekoliko koji su mi zanimljivi, a sad me zainteresovao i taj suhi sampon :-)

  2. I really wish we had P2 here, it looks like such a great brand!


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