Sunday, September 29, 2013

New in - September 2013

I skipped New In posts last two months because I had only few new products, somehow I managed make up for it in September :) My first buy in September was just few Balea products: Balea face wipes, hand soap, and hand cream. Also I got new Ebelin cotton pads and my usual hair conditioner from Loreal.

I didn't get anything from Avon for a while and when I was looking at their products there were few things I wanted. I got Solutions BB cream, Natural Rose face set: face cream, eye cream and a cleanser. I always like to try their hair products so I got Advance Techniques Strengthen & Protect Leave In Treatment. I love all of these product and it is very likely that I dedicate a post to them.

Here is usual Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in 535. I've been using this hair color for years and it is amazing. Any other hair color washes away after a month but not this one. Love it!

I already showed you some pictures of Essence Oktoberfest products and now they are finally with me. I use nail polishes the most and I found a great purpose for makeup bag. It is really small for makeup but I keep my hair pins in it and it is my bag all the time. 

I got Rebecca Bonbon In Paris. This is my first touch with this brand and it is not bad at all. This will be very nice everyday perfume. 

If you look at picture above and pic bellow you can see that I'm set with shower gels for a very long time. I know that is not going to stop me for buying more but what can I say...These are the products I'm sure I will use up. I have Treacle Moon shower gels that I tried for first time...

...and I Love...Juicy Watermelon and two more Balea shower gels.

My second Avon buy: Avon Senses Lagoon body scrub which smells amazing, AT Dry Ends Serum and Anew BB cream. When I test Anew BB cream a little bit more I will probably make a post about it, together with  Solutions BB cream.

If you thought that I didn't buy any nail polish...well, here it is Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 116.

Last two products are Balea deo spray and Balea shower gel ( yes another one! ). I wanted to try Balea deo spray because I had a bad experience with them and I wanted to see if something is different. After trying this I can say that I'm positively surprised. Nothing can replace Dove but is good to make a change sometimes.

Do you have any of these products?


  1. prelepi noviteti! pogotovo essence oktoberfest rumenilce <3

  2. Ove Balee London i San Francisco si kupila u Hr ili vani?

    1. U HR su kupljeni, al mislim da ih nemaju sve u svakom dm-u. U nekom većem ćeš sigurno naći.

  3. Super noviteti.:-)
    Te Treaclemoon gelove sam vec vidjala na njemackim blogovima i uvijek sam se pitala jel to isto sto i I love, s obzirom da imaju isto pakovanje, a i neke identicne mirise?
    Bas si se opskrbila BB kremama, mozda da nam napravis neku usporedbu te dvije Avonove

    1. Ja sam do nedavno bila uvjerena da su I Love i Treacle Moon isto, ali ipak nisu. I love je Britanski a Treacle Moon Njemački. Pakiranje im je skoro isto i lako ih je zamnjeniti, čini mi se da I Love ima više različitih mirisa.
      Za BB kreme će uskoro biti usporedba ;)

    2. I da odmah sama sebe ispravim, i I Love i Treacle Moon su iz Engleske :)

  4. Love all the things, you got. Golden Rose polish looks very pretty. :)


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