Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lush shower gels: So White, Snow Fairy and Happy Hippy

On last Lush sale I bought two shower gels, by now they are probably sold out but this post can come like an early preparation for next year. Here I have two shower gels from Lush Christmas range: So White and Snow Fairy and one from their regular range Happy Hippy.

All of them are medium bottles, they contain 250 ml. They came in classic Lush bottle with flip cap on the top. I like the packing, it is practical and it is easy to dose the product because when you squeeze the bottle small amount comes out. In my opinion it is all you need and you don't waste too much product. These shower gels have usual characteristic of Lush product. They have long lasting strong scent, they look nice and they are nice to your skin. Also they can be used to wash your hair as well, so they are handy if you are traveling and you don't have a lot of space. Here you have nice 2in1 product.

So White

So White is one of Lush Christmas products. It is one of new products but it comes in same scent as popular bath bomb So White. It is easy to describe the scent because it smells like apples. Exactly like apples and I love it. After you use this your bathroom is filed with it :) Of course your skin smells beautiful too and you can smell it hours later too. I like the texture of the gel as well but it's consistency is a bit thinner so Lush cap I mentioned earlier is helpful here. Fun thing about So White is that it has shimmer inside so after you shower it leaves your skin with some shimmer. So White is not only shower gel it can also be used as shampoo. I tried only once and I was impressed with result. I could easily brush my hair and I didn't use any other product except So White ( no conditioner or any other product which I have to use to brush my hair ). 

Snow Fairy

Now one of Lush favorites. I tried Snow Fairy last year and I couldn't wait to get my new bottle. The smell of Snow Fairy is sweet. It reminds on candy. It is pretty strong so I don't like to use it every single day. I use it every day only when I have new bottle so I need to enjoy it a little bit but then after that I use it once or twice per week. That way I can have my bottle longer too, haha. You can count that after you use Snow Fairy you will smell it everywhere for a while.  Texture of Snow White is nice and creamy, I wouldn't change anything about it. There is also multicolor shimmer that stays on your skin after you shower, also your skin feels nice and I always skip the lotion after I use SF. I want to enjoy this amazing scent and it doesn't dry out my skin. Snow Fairy can be used as shampoo as well. 

Happy Hippy

Happy Hippy is from Lush regular range and you can get it all year long. The smell is citrus. They are not among my favorite so I'm not that excited about Happy Hippy. They are great early in the morning or during summer when you need fresh scents like this one. But that's that. It is amazing if you like citrus scents because it is nice to your skin but what can I do when I prefer candy or floral scents :) The texture is dense and creamy and it doesn't dry the skin.

Overall, Lush shower gels are really good and I'm glad I have a few. If you ask me would I buy them again...Snow Fairy is definitely on that list, it is one of my favorite products in general. As for So White and Happy Hippy I will enjoy it while they lasts and then move on :)

Did you tried any of these products?

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  1. Nemam Lush blizu sebe, ali mi se sviđaju nihovi proizvodi što sam mogla vidjeti. :) Nadam se da ću se nekako dočepat bar nečega njihovoga :D


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