Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Swatch: Essence Lady Mermaid

Past few months I didn't bought a lot of nail polish, mostly because I have so many that  I could hardly find anything unique or interesting. Whenever I saw something pretty I would soon realize that I have almost the same shade at home so I would skip it. That being said I didn't think twice when I saw Essence Lady Mermaid. I reached for it immediately, the color looked stunning! I did bunch of pictures but they don't do any justice even though it looks gorgeous on them. In reality this is one of most beautiful nail polishes I saw lately. You can see the label - liquid foil and that is maybe best description of the finish and the color. This gorgeous blue changes depending on the light or angle. It goes from blue to teal, turquoise and purple. It is interesting that it looks better in the shade. In the sun it is beautiful shimmery blue, but the real deal is when you look at it in the shade and you see all the colors changing.

To get the full opacity I applied 3 coats. I was little bit afraid that it will be too sheer but it looks great with 3 coats. Drying time was okay, not super quick but not slow as well. The bottle contains 10 ml.

Do you like Essence Lady Mermaid? Did you see any other new Essence nail polish you like?

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  1. uh, ja sam zgrabila taj i još novi crni, nisam ovaj plavi isprobala, ali crni je lijep :)
    blago tebi ako se uspiješ suzdržati od kupovine :D


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