Thursday, October 24, 2013

p2 Sand Style nail polishes

When I went to Germany few months ago these nail polishes were on my wish list and I knew they have to be mine. It was really hard to find them because they were sold out everywhere but little by little I got four colors that I wanted. 
First one is Illegal. Gorgeous redish color with pink and golden shimmer, looks so pretty and it is something that will get you some attention because it is stunning!

Lovesome is another beauty from Sand Style line. This one is dusty pink with loads of golden shimmer. Gorgeous color, great formula!

Next is Seductive which is my least favorite from the three nail polishes but still such a pretty color that I love and wear very often! The color is beautiful purple with golden shimmer.

Adorable is delicate pink with silver shimmer that is perfect for times when you want "polite" nails, I'm surprised how much I wear this color since I rarely reach for light colors! 

Sand Style is awesome collection and I'm so happy with four colors that I have. They have great formula, they apply easily and dry quickly. Also they are easy to take off, no need for foil technique. Each bottle contains 11 ml.

Do you like p2 Sand Style? Did you tried it?


  1. I like Next is Seductive the most:)

  2. seductive mi je najdraži od ove grupice a srećom ih imam sve :D


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