Friday, January 24, 2014

Random nail spam #1

I have so many nail photos and some of them are always left aside. I finally decided to clean up my folder a little bit so here is little nail spam for you. There will be more posts like this in the future because I believe that I will collect more nail photos like these. I have many different things here, little bit of nail art but mostly swatches. Some of these photos are new but most of the are old.

Pastel cloud mani with: Essence Bloom-A-Loom, Essence Ahoy and Essence Chasing Waves

Glittery leopard print : Avon Color Trend Cafe Au Lait, Rimmel Sunset Bronze, Essence The Huntsman and Catrice Back To Black

Another leopard print with Golden Rose number 348 , Essence Splash Refresh and Malena number 2

This is from last year: Basic Concept Miss Piggy and Essence Make It Golden

From last week: OPI Austin - Tatious Turquise

Pretty pink: Essence Herzel

Another from long time ago: Bourjois number 15

Here is Rimmel Instyle Coral

Maybelline Honey Crystals alone, and then with FOF number 57

Here is one of my Holiday manis: Essence Don't Feed The Tiger

And the last one Essence Pool Party and Essence Crack Me Black

My nail folder looks much better now, even though it is not completely cleaned up. I think this was enough for one day :)

Do you have any of these nail polishes?


  1. Bloom-a-loom je moja neprezaljena ljubav, nisam ga uspjela uloviti :( opi je predivan

    1. Joj Bloom-A-Loom je divan ja sam svoju bočicu nažalost potrošila.

  2. I have some unpublished photos too, I should do the same! Pretty pink: Essence Herzel is such a lovely pink!


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