Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Catrice Arts Collection

Today I'm going to show you Catrice Arts Collection. I have it for a while and finally it is time to post about it. Arts Collection contains three eye and face palettes and three nail polishes. Catrice had limited editions like this one before, I guess that is something we could expect in the end of 2014 as well. Eye and face palettes contain six eye shadows, a blush and a highlighter. There is also a little brush and eye pencil. Palettes like these are great if you are traveling somewhere because you have many things on one place and it is easy to pack them. Lets look everything closer:


Pink nail polish is my favorite from three nail polishes in this collection. The color is shimmery and beautiful, unique in my collection. It is also very festive so it was great choice for Holidays. 

Pink palette is mostly based with purple eye shadows. You can get the natural look with this palette, because these eye shadows like the all of them in Arts Collection are not extremely pigmented. They are not bad and they last long time with eye shadow base. I like the blush in this collection, it looks really nice on my cheeks, perfect for everyday use...Best thing about this palette is just  like I said before: you can get complete look with the palette.

Bronze - Deco

I like golden nail polishes but most of the time I prefer them in the bottle because I don't always like how the look on my nails. There is something different with Bronze - Deco because I love it on my nails. This one is also very shimmery and that is what I love the most.

Bronze palette contains bronze and grey shades and I can say that this is my favorite. Mostly because I use colors like these most of the time. The blush is also very nice, great for winter time.


Green is not my go to color at all but lately I wear it on my nails. You can guess that I like this one because of shimmer. Definitely a color I will reach for in the future!

Green palette contains mostly green eye shadows, four of them actually while two of them are naturals. I love the highlighter and the blush because it is something I can use every day. However, this will probably be the palette I won't be using a lot because I rarely reach for any green eye shadow.

Do you have any of these products? Which palette is your favorite?


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  2. Najvise mi se svidja zelena paleta, bas sam je danas gledala, ali sam na kraju kupila par snizenih stvarcica koje povlace. I redovno izbace nesto sto mi se dopada.

    1. Ja nikako da uhvatim te snižene stvari, kad god ja dođem budu već prazne police. Zato se veselim novim stvarima :)

  3. I managed to get the pink palette, yay! I think the eyeshadows are more pigmented that last year's pink palette, thumbs up for that!


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