Monday, November 24, 2014

Project 365 vol 2: Week 10,11 and 12

Day 64: Trying to organize...

Day 65: Getting Christmas mood

Day 66: One of my favorite candy!!

Day 67: Ready for nail art.

Day 68: Circles

Day 69: Leafs

Day 70: Wood

Day 71: New hand balms!

Day 72: Christmas decoration!

Day 73: Fiš

Day 74: Ladies night in!

Day 75: Stars

Day 76: Last minute dinner

Day 77: Notd...

Day 78: Denim

Day 79: I love Catrice blushers!

Day 80: I'm ready for Advent!

Day 81: After I saw then again, I couldn't resist!

Day 82: Some ornaments.

Day 83: Lemon...

Day 84: ...and pumpkin!


  1. Great photos! I enjoyed looking at them. What caught my attention was your nails. Love the color and design.

  2. Ja sam jučer rasporedila ove slamnate anđelčiće po kaktusima xD Da budu u božićnom duhu :)


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