Sunday, November 2, 2014

Preview: Essence TE Mountain Calling

In December 2014 there will be another Essence Trend Edition Mountain Calling. The collection contains: eyeshadow palette, lip balms, nail polishes, translucent powder, 2 in 1 kajal pencil, cream to powder blush, socks and hand balm. 
I love the look of this TE and that alone makes me want few products. In the end as always we need to wait and see but I have a feeling at least one product will be mine. If nothing I've been aiming for translucent powder so I might get this one.


  1. Cuj, ima ovde divnih stvari :) Zelenko mi je bas lep a i sljoke..a ovo cream to powder blush..mmm :))

    1. Meni za divno čudo lakovi nisu baš nešto bar sad po slikama :D

  2. Baš su slatka pakiranja, probat ću si ubosti nešto od ovoga :)


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