Monday, May 5, 2014

April 2014 favorites

Avon Care Paraffin Hand Cream  - again in my favorites. I love Avon hand creams and when I finish this one I will probably buy a new one.

Catrice All Matt 020 Nude Beige - I love this liquid foundation like I loved the old one Catrice Infinite Matt. I will probably write more about it very soon!

Lush Lemony Flatter - I use this almost every single day. Truly amazing product! It helps my nails, cuticles, hands and I even started to use it on my hair...and even my dry ends look better!

Lush Nachstenliebe hand and body lotion - On pics bellow you can see this product when it was new, now it is almost gone because I use it every day for my body. I'm seven months pregnant and body lotions are very important for me right now if I want to try to avoid stretch marks on my body. For now I've been doing great. I don't know is this lotion the reason for that but it is extremely important to use something for your skin then nothing. With this lotion my skin is very soft, lotion is absorbing very quickly and if I have a chance I would buy it again.

Essence Groupie At Heart blush - As soon as sun comes out I reach for bright blushes. I love this one, it looks really nice on my cheeks and very spring appropriate. 

Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer Light Beige - Great product .I'm in love with it ever since I first tried it. I plan to write a post about it very soon because this product deserves it :)

Elf Glow blush - Beside Essence Groupie At Heart my go to blush was Elf Glow. Really nice product that gives my cheeks pretty, natural glow.

What was in your favorites? Did you tried any of these products?


  1. I love Catrice foundation, but unfortunatelly I got too dark shade for my skin tone and I can't use it. :/ But we have more similar favourites, I also adore Lemony Flutter and Catrice camouflage cream. :)

  2. suer favoriti! čestitke, drago mije sto ces postat mama :* i ti ssi nam otvorila sezonu bebica u blogosferi,jeej


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