Friday, May 16, 2014

Body & Soul makeup brushes

Body & Soul brushes can be found in Muller drugstores. For now I have three but since I love the ones that I have it wouldn't be surprise if I got more eventually. I have blush, concealer and eyeshadow brush. All of them have black, hard plastic helve and they are easy to work with.

Blush brush has slantwise cut and it is pretty dense. It is not too soft and it is easy to apply blush with it. It is not my favorite brush for blending but it does the work very well.

Concealer brush is the next one. It is my favorite from the bunch, I use it every day. It is easy to apply and blend concealer with it. I also love the size, perfect for application Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer ( this is concealer I use right now and reason why I bought this brush in first place ).

Eyeshadow brush is last one here and first one that I bought. Good size, it is soft and dense and great for applying eyeshadow.

Did you tried Body & Soul brushes? How do you like them?

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