Thursday, May 22, 2014

The end of season: Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Revenge, Hart Of Dixie, Glee and Chicago Fire


I will start my recap with Grey's Anatomy. The main thing about season 10 is Christina leaving. Overall it was a good season, not as good as the last one but I still enjoy this show. Even after all these years. So many characters has gone trough the show so every season I wonder if they are still going to be good because show without original characters quickly goes downhill. There are so many new characters in Grey's Anatomy and only few originals but still they keep it on point and they are interesting to watch. This season one of those originals and one of my all time favorite characters is gone. I am very sad about that but I'm so happy with how they handled her leaving. Even though she will be missed we know her story. Christina got a lot attention this season and her story is truly fulfilled. All the question are answered and her character has gone full circle. My first thought when I heard that Sandra Oh was leaving was...please don't kill her...because after all this is Grey's Anatomy :) Fortunately they didn't go that way. Also great thing about Grey's Anatomy that is now history is Christina and Meredith friendship! The best TV friendship ever! As for the other things about the show...well, it is still one of my favorite shows and that is telling something...but to me most important thing about it season 10 is like I said Christina!

Scandal is another show from creator of Grey's Anatomy Shonda Rhimes. Then you know there is a lot of drama and this is another show that I enjoyed. It is crazy a bit. Characters can sometimes be extreme and at times everything can remind you on a soap opera but still there is something that keeps me watching. I like all the White House intrigue. Season 3 wasn't as good as season 2 but they were still dramatic with plot that is going quickly. 

I was so happy when Revenge season 3 ended. I loved this show in season 1 and I was still into it in season 2 but now it is just one hot mess. The season was nothing special but they ruined everything with the end. It would be so much better if season 3 was the last one because they are obviously out of good ideas at most times it feels like I'm watching telenovela..I still love Emily and Nolan but not even they can get me excited about Revenge any more.

Hart Of Dixie is still sweet and relaxing show. Characters are enjoyable and there is something about it when you can let your brain rest when you watch it. Even the characters that I didn't like at first ( Lemon and George ) are now interesting. There are some rumors that next season could be the last one and surprisingly I'm glad about it. Just enough to get Zoe and Wade together again!

Glee had many changes last season when most of original cast graduated. Part of the cast moved to New York and part of cast was still in Lima in Glee club. In second part of season the hole show was about New York and that was a good move. Lima part wasn't interesting any more and I'm glad they got rid of that. Next season is the last one and I think that is a good thing. Glee lost their main sparkle after season 1 and 6 seasons is more then enough for this show. 
I also have to mention Cory Monteith. After his sudden death last summer they dedicated two episodes to him and it was perfect goodbye to Cory and Finn.

After 2 seasons of Chicago Fire is still have mixed feelings about this show. Sometimes I really like it and sometimes I find it boring. I still watch it but I'm not sure for how long because it seams to me that Chicago Fire will have a long run. There is also a spin off of this show with Chicago P.D. and there are many crossovers between the shows. Since I don't watch the other show I do miss some events. However I will definitely watch the start of season 3 because they left really good cliffhanger.

Do you watch any of these shows? How did you liked them?

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