Thursday, May 1, 2014

Preview: Catrice LE La Grand Bleu

Catrice will be focused on color blue in June and July 2014 with new Limited Edition called La Grand Bleu. I can see that blue lovers will like this collection because colors are truly beautiful. The collection contains: crystal lip gloss, matt lip cream, nail polishes, eyeshadow pen, liquid highlighter and eyeliner pen.
Matt lip cream is one thing that looks most appealing to me but we have to wait and see everything in person. What do you think?

Black's Pearl; Never Leave Coral Reef

Black's Pear; Mermaiday Mayday

Bella Aquarella; Entering Atlantis and Mermaid It

Black's Pearl, Underwater Laugh; Mermaiday Mayday and Mermaid It

 Black's Pearl and Entering Atlantis


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