Friday, May 2, 2014

Lip balms - my stash

I always have a lip balm around me. It is one of those products I'm never without. I usually use one until it is finished and then I get a new one. Last summer I ended up with bunch of new lip balms so now I have nice stash. I planed this post few months ago so I already used up one of these lip balms and got one new because somehow I always left this post for later. I know it will sound strange when I say that I don't buy lip balms often. I like to stick with the rule - finish with one and buy a new one...Actually I only bought Balea Sweet Wonderland and the rest I got from other people or with some other purchase. Some beauty product just find a way to come to me :) So there...I'm glad to say that I can stick with my plans sometimes:D
I always loved lip balms, for most of us lip balm was the first "beauty" product. I remember I used to love those pink, sweet and shimmery balms :) Now I tried to avoid them as much as I can. What I love about lip balms is that they make my lips soft and moisturized. But I have to say that nowadays there are so much different product out there and sometimes lip balms just dry out your lips and you need to use them even more. However when you use them all the time like I do, you do get really nice soft lips. I find that is better to apply them in thin layer, that is the way I get the best result.
Now let's look at what I have and I will say few words about each.

I'll start with cute little lip balm pots. I have p2 Appletini which was one of my favorite products for a while. You can see that I hit the bottom of the pot and there is good amount of product in there ( 9 ml ). I just love the smell, the texture and the quality itself. Plus it looks nice and glossy on my lips. I didn't use it for a while now because it was only lip balm I was using for a very long time so I got little bit tired of it. Another p2 lip balm that I have is Warm Cacao. Very similar to Appletini, only different smell. I love this one too. Moisturizing, creamy and most important p2 lip balms don't dry out my lips and they give me that comfortable feeling on my lips.
MUA Great Lips lip balm is the one that I got as a gift with my MUA order. It smells nice and it is tinted so it is a nice replacement for lip gloss but if you look for quality lip balm you better skip it. It doesn't last long and it dries out my lips a little bit. I usually avoid this one.
Essence Servus! has fine shimmer inside and it is a really nice lip balm that looks shiny on my lips and it is also nourishing. I didn't use it many times because for some reason I always forget about it.

Alverde sun protect with SPF 20 is something I would only use on the beach. It is very thick and leaves white mark after I use it so I'm not a fan of it for everyday use.
Rosal So Natural is one of those classic lip balms. One of my favorites. It has neutral smell and it doesn't dry out my lips. I would say that is all you need when it comes to lip balms.
Balea Sweet Wonderland is the one I bought because it has gorgeous chocolate smell. This is the only one I bought myself and the one I used up since I took these photos. I bought it long time ago and even though I used it up I doubt I will buy Balea lip balm anytime soon. This one does dry out my lips and I could reapply it every few minutes. It works little bit better when I apply thin layer but still isn't something I would go back to.

The rest of my lip balms are Essence. I don't know why but for a long time I thought they are no good. After I tried them I can say that they are really good and worth buying. Four that I have are limited edition. Essence Master Of Magic is the one I use the most right now. It doesn't dry out my lips and it is moisturizing. It is also tinted so lately I like to use it instead of lip gloss / lip stick and I love the result! I apply few layers and color is there for hours. I don't need to worry about reapplying all the time. 
Essence Ben & Cherries, Essence Icylcious and Essence Ice Ice Baby are lip balms from Me&My Ice Cream trend edition and I love all of them! They don't last that long but they don't dry out my lips so I like to use them. Plus they look cute and smell really nice.

The last one is Lush Honey Trap and even though I got this one last it is my absolute favorite. I recently mentioned it here, so click to see a bit more.

Do you use lip balms? What is your must have?


  1. Great collection! I keep losing lip balms, I think my favourite one is a boring old Vichy one but it's so good on my lips! I like EOS too but Baby Lips was horrible x

  2. What a great idea! But I'm afraid people with laugh at my stash! I have a TON of lip balms/glosses/chapsticks. And I use them all up, never lose them. I might have to do a post like this! :)


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