Saturday, May 10, 2014

NYX Narcissus and Stella

I bought two NYX lipsticks few months ago. I picked up Narcissus and Stella. Both are bright pinks and when I was looking at them I knew I will use them most in spring and summer. However, I'm a huge pink lover so I wanted to use them in winter anyway. The problem was that they just looked bad on my lips, if you want these two lipsticks to look good your lips need to be perfectly smooth. I did tried everything but in winter that is very hard to accomplish and every little flaw was visible. So every time I would apply Narcissus or Stella I would apply clear lip gloss which could hide it a little bit or just remove it and choose something else. When I was ready to give up I applied both lipsticks and they looked really good!! I guess this weather is much nicer to my lips so it is easier to smooth them. I'm so happy about that because both colors look so pretty and they are something I could wear all summer long! 

Do you like NYX lipsticks? Do you have trouble with application sometimes?


  1. boje su super :) ja sam isto fan roze :)

  2. Narcissus is in my wl for a long time but I've never noticed Stella, it's such a pretty pink!!


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