Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Empty #14

My last Empty post was over a month ago but I'm very surprised how much empties I have. I'm so glad that I can see which products I actually use up. It is so much easier to keep track like this. Let's look at what I have...

Loreal Elvital Color Glanz - again in my empties :)

Balea Young Peachy Rose shower gel - I love Balea Young shower gels...unfortunately I don't see them anywhere any more. I hate to think that they are discontinued. 

Balea Cocos & Nectarine shower gel - I loved this one, interesting scent that I would buy again.

Treacle Moon One Ginger Morning shower gel - one of my favorite products lately. I was obsessed with this scent for a while. I already have a new bottle :)

Aveo liquid soap - Love it and I had it few times so far.

Beckham Intimately Yours fragrance - I'm sad whenever I use up a fragrance especially when is good as this one! I have a post about in here.

Avon Advance Techniques Shine Serum - Meh. Not the worst buy ever but there are so many better products then this one. Shine Serum didn't do much for my hair so I will not buy it again.

NYX Round Gloss Doll Pink - I don't know how but this beautiful NYX lip gloss got broken so there is no way to use it anymore. I have no idea how it happened :( Look at my swatch to see how pretty it is.

Bourjois Healty Mix liquid foundation - This is very popular product but I'm not that impressed with it. It is not a bad product at all but I would always rather buy Revlon Color Stay then this. I'm glad I tried it but will not buy it again. More of my impressions here.

Essence Stay Natural Soft Sand concealer - Biggest flaw of this product is that is very small. There is only 1,5 ml of product and I decided to look for something else that will last for little bit longer. However I believe I will buy Stay Natural concealer again.

Ebelin cotton pads - my favorite for removing makeup or nail polish.

The rest is bunch of Lush samples. They come in these little pots and there is enough for one use ( for most of them, you can use some few times ). You can get them when you buy Lush products. Here is what I tried:

Lush Fair Trade Honey shampoo - It should give your hair natural glow and volume. I washed my hair with it only once and I wasn't convinced. I didn't like the feel of my hair with this product under my fingers but I can't say my hair didn't look nice later. However, I wouldn't buy this shampoo.

Lush Veganese conditioner - Now this is something I would buy. I loveee lavender and rosemary smell and for that alone I would buy it :) But I also I like how my hair looked and the feeling under my fingers. When I tried it I was sad that there was enough for only one use :) Veganese is conditioner for all hair types but it is best for thin hair.

Lush Dirty Springwash shower gel - I love the texture and the fact that it makes my skin feel good but this smell is not my cup of tea. Because of that I wouldn't purchase full size product.

Lush Nachstenliebe hand and body lotion - I believe that this is German version of Lush Charity Pot. I don't like it for my hands but it is perfect for my body. I used up sample and now I have 230 ml pot and it is among my favorite products at the moment.

Lush Karma soap - This is the sample of Karma solid soap. I didn't get a lot of product but good thing is that these things can last you a while because you need a small amount so you can use it few times. Karma smells nice and doesn't dry out my skin. I love Lush shower soaps and I probably won't buy Karma but I can easily make a list of the ones that I would.

What is in your empties?


  1. Ooh this NYX gloss is super pretty indeed! Such a pity! I didn't know you could get Lush samples. Now I want even more for Lush to come to Greece ^-^

    1. Yes, I got them when I bought products in store or online. I didn't ask but you can probably get samples in store if you are interested in some products.

  2. tvoje mi se balea tuširalice uvijek čine interesantnije od mojih, nikad ne donesem doma tako vesele uzorke i mirise ;)
    i mene neka tuga obuzme kad se pozdravljam s posljednjim kapima mirisa koji mi je bio drag... srećom dođe neki drugi, a možda čak i isti ;)

    1. Ja ih ponekad i biram prema ambalaži :) Sva sreća pa mi većina Balea proizvoda stvarno lijepo miriši pa ne moram zaobilazit šarenilo :)


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