Monday, April 28, 2014

New in - April 2014

There is only few days until the end of April so it is time for new in, empties and favorites of the month. Sometimes there is no need for any of those posts but now I have a lot of things to share with you. I'll start with my new products in April.
I love Treacle Moon shower gels, lemon isn't my favorite scent but Those Lemonade Days will be really good and refreshing for summer. Tracle Moon gel is shipment from Germany together with p2 Catch The Glow nail polishes. I believe I will post more about each very soon.

Next is Catrice Camouflage Cream Light Beige, I adore this product and I will post my review soon. 
In April I bought few brushes, one is Body & Soul concealer brush and the rest are Essence brushes. To find out a bit more about them click here.

Essence Cookies & Cream is still in my local drugstores but nothing got much of my attention. I bought hand balm and I would probably buy the blush but it was sold out everywhere. I have another Catrice nail polish and I already told you about it here.

Last two photos are Avon products. I bought two products that I mentioned many times and I got one as a gift that I never tried Naturals Violet & Lychee body spray. I was never fan of body sprays like this one, I think I tried it once long time ago and I wasn't really into it. This one smells great but I will see am I going to use it.

I like Naturals face creams so when I found good deal for them I decided to buy a few. Now I'm set for a while. I got Green Olive, Carrot & Sunflower, Milk & Honey and Tea Tree & Cucumber which came with 2 in 1 cleanser and toner and peel off mask from the same line.

Looking back at all the product together I'm really happy with everything I got in April. Did you tried any of these products? What beauty products did you get lately?


  1. Essence cetke napadaju sa svih blogovo a u mom marketi ih jos nema :)) Dobila sam preporuku za crveni kabuki..kako si ti zadovoljna?

    1. Pazi kad sam previdela pos a i link :))))))))))))))))))))

    2. :D
      Nadam se da će doći i kod tebe, meni su svi kistići super pogotovo sad nakon što ih malo duže koristim.

    3. O Bloze, kako nepismen komentar..uzasno mi se spavalo (u moju odbranu) :))

  2. Bas me zanima kako ce se pokazati ovaj novi kist za blendanje od essenca, a lakove jedva cekam vidjeti :)

    1. Kist je stvarno ok, u početku su otpadale dlačice al prestalo je. Za blendanje je jako dobar i volim ga koristit.
      Lakići će biti brzo :)

  3. essence kistove nisam niti vidjela, kamoli kupila i baš mi je žao... no, valjda ću i to preživjeti ;)


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