Friday, April 11, 2014

Swatch: Catrice iROSEdescent

If you are a holographic lover you could enjoy yourself because Catrice had so many new holo nail polishes last few weeks. I'm not that into holo nail polishes, neither would I reach for light color very often. But, when I saw Catrice iROSEdescent I had to have it. The color is beautiful and I love the holo effect. This will be nail polish for those times when I need subtle nail polish and for those rare times when I don't want bright colors.

The bottle contains 10 ml of product and it applies easily. Drying time is decent. When I took these photos it was a cloudy day so holo effect is much more visible in real life and it looks perfect in the sun.


  1. nice mani

  2. love this, adorable color

  3. Catrice ima uvijek rako dobre nijanse.

  4. krasan :D
    jel' vjeruješ da u mom kozmu još ništa iz novog asortimana nemaju, poludim svaki put kad uđem :(

    1. Kod mene sva sreća ima Muller a oni sve dobiju na vrijeme.


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