Monday, April 21, 2014

Givenchy Very Irresistible gift set

Givenchy perfumes are my favorite. So far I had few, including my all time favorite Givenchy Organza but I would love to have probably 90 % of their perfumes. I love light, floral and little bit sweet scents so they always have something that I really love. Very Irresistible is one of their most popular perfumes. Years ago I had Very Irresistible Sensual which came after the original so even though I wanted the original they are similar so I never thought about buying it. Last summer I found amazing deal on a gift set  that I just couldn't ignore and I'm so happy that Very irresistible is now mine.

Gift set includes 50 ml edt fragrance, 100 ml body veil and beauty bag. I already posted about body veil so just click here to find out a bit more. 
Beauty bag is something I use every day. At first I didn't need it so I started using it after few months. Then when I was in move between new and old house I started using it as makeup bag and I still keep products I use the most in it. It is well made and tones of products can fit in it, also it looks beautiful so it is amazing bag for traveling. Definitely my favorite beauty bag and as long as I have this one I don't need anything else.

Now the fragrance. Very Irresistible is around for a very, very long time. I still remember when it first came out when I was high school girl and it was so far out of my reach. Years came by but I still think this is one of most beautiful scents out there. I love that it is so light, floral and feminine. Middle notes are rose, magnolia and peony. Top notes are cassia, lemon verbena and anise while base note is taif rose. Floral haven! 
Very Irresistible is one of those long lasting fragrances so when you apply it you can be sure that it won't go away that quickly especially in combination with body veil. 

Even the box looks pretty...

What is your favorite fragrance? What is on your wishlist?


  1. meni je mama imala njihov ange de amon, nisam sigurna kako se pise, ali znat ces na koji mislim. fantastičan je

  2. I really like the smell of it and of course I love the fucshia-purple packaging!!


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