Friday, August 30, 2013

Shimmery body lotions

In the summer time I'm all about shimmery body lotions. Don't you just love nice shimmery glow on your body in the summer. Well if you ask me I love shimmer everywhere anytime, especially on my nails and on my body. There is more then enough nail posts on my blog so it is time to talk about body lotions for a bit. I got carried away a little bit this summer with buying them so I have few to show you. What attracts me the most to shimmery lotions ( and anything sparkly ) is that it looks really nice in the sunlight and also I like the way it sparkles at nighttime. When it comes to shimmer lotions the biggest flaw  is that they tend to leave stains on your clothes. Not all of them but majority. For that reason I usually apply them on my arms and my legs if I'm wearing something short. That way I'm risk free.
Now I will show you my shimmer body lotions one by one and tell you few things about each one.

Balea Summer Glam

Balea Summer Glam has to be the one to start! This body lotion is limited edition and Balea had the same thing some time ago. I was in love with the old one and I was really sad when I was out of it. I was so happy when I saw that Balea is coming up with this line and even more happy when I realized that this new lotion is exactly the same thing as the old one, only in new packaging. This thing is one of my all time favorites. It looks so beautiful on the skin, and it smells like summer ( coconut and chocolate to be more precise ). I was using the old version on few summer vacations so every time I use it, the smell brings back beautiful memories. Summer Glam applies easily and it is best to take small amount because it will absorb better and quicker. There is loads of shimmer so you don't have to worry that it won't be visible. Balea Summer Glam is also really cheap product so that is reason more why is worth trying. One bad thing about this product is that it will leave stains on some of your clothing items. However I don't have that problem because I usually use it only on my arms and legs.
The tube contains 200 ml of product.

Bebe Young Care Night Glow

This was a random buy some time ago. I love Bebe products so it was hard to pass on this one especially because it was on sale at the time. The product applies easily, absorbs quickly and it smells amazing ( vanilla and caramel ). The only thing that is off with this product is that there is no shimmer. That would be just fine if the name was different and if they didn't said on the back that it gives night glow to your skin. No matter which angle or light I was looking I didn't see anything. Still, I like the product and I have no doubt that I will go through it but I don't appreciate false advertising.
The product contains 400 ml.

Aveo Goldshimmer

When I bought this one I knew I don't need it but I couldn't go home without it. This is also my first Aveo body lotion and so far I like it. There is loads of golden shimmer that looks nice and sparkly on your skin, it also makes your skin really soft. I love the melon smell that lasts for few hours. Aveo Goldenshimmer is easy to apply and it absorbs quickly. I didn't have any problems with stains but I believe that this cold leave a mark on your clothes because the color of the lotion is honey beige. The product contains 400 ml.

Givenchy Very Irresistible body veil

Givenchy Very Irresistible is one of few high end products that I own. I got this baby in Very Irresistible gift set that I bought recently. The reason why I bought it was because I found a great deal and Givenchy Very Irresistible is one of my favorite perfumes. This body veil is amazing addition to it. It has really nice texture that applies easily, it absorbs quickly and there are no worries about stains. It makes skin really soft and beautiful. The glow is delicate, silver shimmer looks really beautiful. The product contains 100 ml. For that reason I will probably use this only for some special occasions.

Avon Planet Spa Japanese Sake And Rice

Planet Spa Japanese Sake And Rice is really good shimmery body lotion from Avon. I didn't use a lot this bottle but i already had travel size of the same lotion and I really love it. There are loads of shimmer and this would be perfect for anyone who loves silver shimmer because it is really visible on your skin. The quality is great but I'm not the biggest fan of the smell, in same time it isn't that bad so this thing worth buying.
The product contains 150 ml.

Laura Vandini Pearl

Last one is Laura Vandini and this is biggest surprise of this summer for me. I got it form my aunt as a gift and she hit it with this one. At first look I wasn't very impressed because I could hardly see any glow on my skin. I love the texture, it applies easily and absorbs quickly but I couldn't see any shimmer...until I went outside. At first I forgot that I have it on my skin and I was surprised how nice my skin looks. It had beautiful glow, you couldn't see any shimmer but you could see something is there. And then I remembered so I started using it everyday and I fell in love with it! At night time you can see some shimmer here and there  but it is very delicate, the shimmer is micro so it really gives that prefect summer glow to your skin. Absolute summer favorite!! The smell is also delicate and it changes little bit when is on my skin and that is probably the only thing I don't like about this product but it is not something that would keep me away from it!
The product contains 200 ml.

Do you like shimmery body lotions? Did you tried any of these products?


  1. Ja sam taj balein summer glam lovila cijelo ljeto, nigdje ga nisam nasla (zadar), nakraju odustala. Srce mi se slama sto ga nisam uspjela naci, bas sam ga htjela probati. Samo dobre stvari o njemu citam :(

  2. You have a lovely collection of body lotions! A bit of shimmer is always nice in the sunshine x

  3. imam samo ovaj prvi i obozavam ga od kad sam ga kupila :) imam jos dva u zalihama :)

  4. Ja sam tek sad skužila losione sa shimmerom.. Ja ću shimmerat za Božić haha :D


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