Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Swatch: Catrice L'Afrique C'est Chic blush bronze & nail polishes

Few days ago Catrice L'Afrique C'est Chic came to Muller and I just couldn't pass on it. First I grabbed brown nail polish, then the red one and in the end I picked up blush & bronze. Next day I came back for blue nail polish. Yes, I have no self control. I don't buy products from Catrice LE as much but when there is a collection I like I usually want the entire collection. This one is one of those!

Catrice Fresh Demand blush & bronze

Catrice Fresh Demand is combination of blush and bronzer. I usually prefer blush over bronzer and that is what I always use and I actually can't remember when was the last time I used bronzer. I love this combination, the color looks really nice and it is great for summer. 

This blush & bronzer is shimmery which you can see on first two pics, the pic bellow is how it looks on natural day light. Pigmentation of Catrice Fresh Demand is medium, it looks really nice on the cheeks but it is the best for everyday makeup look and for the times when you want to wear natural makeup. If you looking for something dramatic you better skip on this one. For me this is perfect at the moment because for pass few weeks I don't wear a lot of makeup.

The package is hard plastic, the usual Catrice square package that we had a chance to see few times before. It contains 9 g of product.

On these two pictures you can see the swatch. The first one is with flash and you can see the blush, bronzer and combination of two colors. On picture bellow you can see colors together on natural light.

Catrice So Classy, Catrice Quel Blue Turquise and Catrice Rogue, Bien Sur

I love all the nail polishes in this collection, in the end I picked up three and they are gorgeous. Also they have Sand finish which is new for Catrice. I still haven't used them on my nails because of 10 day summer challenge but I will as soon as I finish the challenge. Swatch is on nail wheel. They are easy to apply and they are fast drying. Sand finish looks really good and I'm looking forward to more sand finish polishes from Catrice.

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  1. Dober haul :) Blush/bronzer je čudovit, mi je žal da ga nisem vzela, se mi je zdel pretemen v trgovini. Laki so pa vsi trije lepi, samo rjav je pa res nekaj posebnega :) Sama sem vzela modrega, pa bom probala kje še rjavega dobit, zdaj ko sem ga pri tebi videla :)


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