Thursday, August 22, 2013

Empty #9

Avon Advance Techniques anti-dandruff 2 in 1 shampoo - My go to anti-dandruff shampoo for years. I don't have a big dandruff problem so I only need this shampoo occasionally and after 2-3 times I wash my hair with this dandruff is completely gone for month or two. I would recommend this shampoo for everyone to try it but I know for a fact that it doesn't work for a lot of people but it is definitely worth to give it a try if you have dandruff because for me it is perfect!

Schwarzkopf Got2b Rocking It! dry shampoo - I love this thing. It is so much better then Balea dry shampoo I was using before I tried this one. I already have new bottle and I think I will stick to this product for a long time!

Dove Go Fresh deo-spray - One of few deo-sprays that I like beside Dove Original which is my all time favorite. This is a very good product and I repurchased it!

Avon Advance Techniques Protect It! heath protection spray - Very nice product, I believe that I will go back to it in the future. For now I will try few heath protections from other brands.

Essence nail polish remover - My go to remover for few years, very good but not the best out there. I think I will stick to it in future.

Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum - I'm finally back to this product, I adore and I don't even know why I stopped using it! Great product for dry ends!

 Rosal Hot Chocolate lip balm - Rosal lip balms are one of my favorites, I love this one. The quality is great and I love the smell. I told you that this year I was into chocolate scent so this was perfect for me :D

p2 Perfect Face makeup base Illuminate Me! - Great product! I use it as a base for liquid foundation but it looks great on its own too. I repurchased it when I was in Germany few months ago and it is such a shame it is not available everywhere.

Avon  Planet Spa Japanese Sake And Rice illuminating body spry - another Avon product :) I love the quality, the smell and the shimmer! I also have a full size bottle of the same product!

Ebelin cotton pads - the best cotton pads I tried!

Balea face wipes - I don't even know how many times I repurchased this product! Love it!

Just like in my last Empty post I cleaned my nail polish stash. All these did their time in my service and now I have to get rid of them. They are too thick and difficult to apply, they also take too long to dry. In my book they are done. 

S-he 393, Essence Mellow Yellow, Deborah Milano Love At First Sight, Essence Silver Surfer, tip painter and Silver Sparkle


  1. I'm using Avon tretment in blue packaging and I adore it! I'll have to throw away some polishes too, because they're already impossible to apply.

  2. Have you tried some polish thinner with these old polishes? I use it all the time, especially during summer that polishes tend to dry easily. I like Dove Original, do you think I should try the Go Fresh one?

    1. I haven't tried np thinenr yet because for all the bottles that I finished I have something similar dupe by other brand. I was thinking of using thinner for some colors that are unique in my collection.
      You should try Dove Go Fresh, it is really good but nothing is like Dove Orginal :)

  3. joj ja najviše zavidim na bočici laka koja je ili prazna ili sasvim neupotrebljiva... morat ću malo češće otvarat svoje stare bočice da ne bih i ja pronašla kojeg zabetoniranog ;)


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