Thursday, August 1, 2013

10 day summer challenge - Day 1

Time for new nail art challenge!! It has been few months since last challenge I did and I'm very excited about this one because it will be so much fun! It is a summer challenge, with interesting tasks for each day. For day 1 the challenge is - warm colors. This is exactly what I like in summertime so I decided to combine it with another thing I like - dots. I applied pastel yellow as base and randomly added yellow and orange dots. Very easy but with colors like these everyone will notice it.

I used: Essence Mellow Yellow, S-he 393, Essence Off To Miami and p2 Hot Berry

I will post my manis every other day. On picture bellow you can see challenge for each day! I can't wait for second part of the challenge, it will be interesting!

You can also check out what other girls did:
Cat Girl


  1. točkice su uvijek dobra ideja, i ja ih volim :)

  2. I love your design. And we both used Off to Miami, yay! :D

  3. I love dots on nails <3

    Hey I as well participate in your challenge now ^^ Just posted my first design :)


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