Sunday, August 4, 2013

Project 365 ( 70 - 76 )

Week 11... another too hot and busy week is behind me...

Day 70: Visit to my old building.

Day 71: Doors.

Day 72: My loving fruit salad. 

Day 73: Hanging around my house.

Day 74: I love when I have  new book in my hands.

Day 75: Catrice L'afrique C'est Chic goodies.

Day 76: Ice coffee on a hoooot day!


  1. sramota, ice coffee mi ovo lito još nije pala na pamet :(
    ta voćna salata predobro izgleda, nadam se da je knjiga vrijedna čitanja :D

  2. Ice coffee. I think I drinked it only once this year. Fruit salada, I adore them, I eat them every day. :)


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