Thursday, August 1, 2013

Preview: Essence TE Be Loud!

There will be so much new Essence products in September 2013. Let's start with Trend Edition Be Loud! The collection contains: blush, jumbo sheer stick, jumbo eye pencil, cosmetic bag, eye shadows, glitter topper, nail art set and nail polishes. 
Looking at the press photos I think at least one blush and glitter topper will be mine. I will see about the rest. Is there something you like?


Pink Me

Pink Me; Ap-ri(c)ot; I0m All Riot

Totally Camouflage

Riot Grr-een

Like a Stone In The Wall

Rock The Block

Not Punky Nor Funky, Totally Camouflage

Riot@; Orange Is The New Black

Riot Grrr-een; Like A Stone In The Wall


  1. Svidja mi se pink rumenilo, glitter lak i bez smedjkasto sjenilo

  2. the Ap-ri(c)ot blush is so perfect, I have to have it

  3. Riot Grrr-een & Like A Stone In The Wall. I need them! :)

  4. Not Punky Nor Funky will be mine! And the pink blush I think...


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