Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf - end of season ( spoilers )

Time for little bit of trash TV :) Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf are both summer shows and both of them have second part of season airing in winter. They had their season finals few weeks ago and now it is time to take a look back because no matter what I say about PLL and TW I still watch them :)
We will start with Pretty Little Liars. Well this show finally gave some answers, I guess they had to because it is season 4 and they have to give us something. We still don't know main answers...who tried to kill Alison and who is A but at least they confirmed that Ali is alive. They usually leave everything in the air in this show so you can never be sure what really happened and they mix it up with bunch of unnecessary things. I know it should be mysterious but most of the time it is just annoying. I hope season 5 is the last one so we could finish it up and find out all the answers. For a while my main suspect was Aria, I was completely sure of that but now I don't know anymore. I just hope that person behind everything is someone important, hopefully one of the girls ( Aria!! ).

Teen Wolf is the only show I watch but I have no idea what is actually happening most of the time :D Sometimes they are so messed up but there is certain magic in this show that keeps me watching. With second part of season 3 they really had everything. Wolfs, foxes, screaming Lydia and ninjas. Too much if you ask me. I liked it better when everything was about wolfs and hunters. Also, why did they made Stiles so serious and sad?? Turning him into monster isn't fun at all. I know they gave him different role for this season but he used to be highlight of each episode. I hope he will be funny like he used to be in season 4! One thing that this show isn't missing is the element of surprise. I was shocked when they killed of Alison, it will be so weird without her. But I like that aunt Kate is coming back from the dead, she is going to be interesting villain for next season. And seriously they should give more minutes to Derek and find him a girlfriend! That's all I got to say.

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars or / and Teen Wolf? What do you think about their last episodes?



  1. obožavam obje serije i zadnje epizode su mi bile odlične!!! nadam se da će stiles i lydia biti zajedno i da će se aiden vratiti. a pll je dosta razvukao temu ali još uvijek je zanimljivo :)

  2. am I weird for not even watching it? lol please follow my blog, its new!


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